Leader Lab

We hear two very consistent messages from our clients: leaders feel alone AND they want a place to go for access to coaching and conversations.

So we’ve created it. Welcome to Leader Lab.

A Facebook, membership-based, leadership community of active, growing, fabulous humans who have done real work on themselves and their leadership.

This exclusive community of Interleap clients is a secure place where you can connect, learn, share, break through with others. A place where you can have meaningful conversations and hear from peers on all topics in growth and leadership. A place where you are SEEN and HEARD. Our mental and physical health literally depend on being part of strong and capable communities.

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You will get continued coaching from Leslie through live sessions, interviews, videos, and other just-for-you content that keep these key conversations going, like how to become a stronger coaching leader, team dynamics, time management, improving communication styles, creating great leaders, and so much more in personal growth and development.

In the Leader Lab, you will also get to:

  • Collaborate with peers
  • Practice coaching others
  • Build your feedback muscle
  • Explore new ideas
  • Gain insights and perspective

For $37 a month, you get to experience coaching + community as the powerhouse duo that it has proven to be over and over again. Forbes magazine rated group coaching and community in the Top 5 trends in leadership last year for a reason. It elevates the journey, and it works.

Sign up by July 1 and receive your first month FREE.
You truly can’t miss this.


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