Consistency: there’s a bigger why behind it

With a full Winter Break in NYC, followed by hosting our first in-person workshop on Perfectionism the same week, content was not top on my priority list.

My internal debate sounded something like this: 

-What was important about writing this week?

-Will anyone even notice if I don’t?

And then it hit me.

I would notice. 

Skipping a day or week of something usually doesn’t cause major consequences, AND this is the very argument that often gives *resistance* the win, not you. 

Last week I talked about the power of consistency. Consistency isn’t about showing up for other people, it’s about showing up for yourself.

Consistency feeds momentum and habits that serve; it keeps us focused on our objectives.

When we’re not consistent in our habits, we’re casting a vote for ourselves as someone who doesn’t follow through. The worst consequence? We lose a little bit of trust in ourselves every time we do it.

Consistency gives us evidence that we’re actually being the person we want to be.

I often write about writing because it is one of the places I can feel the most resistance in my life.

Most writers feel exactly the same way.

In the past, it’s where I was tempted to do what felt like a version of ghosting myself – cutting off all communication without explanation (i.e. not showing up). While most of us think about this in the context of a digital departure (a friend not responding to a text, etc), it happens across all social circumstances and it’s tied to the way we view the world. 

Not exactly how I want to define myself.

And yet there I was Monday morning, on the Upper West Side looking down at the snow, debating whether to follow through. 

Every day, we get to decide whether resistance gets a chance to win.

When we choose consistency, we build momentum, confidence and trust in ourselves. It feels AMAZING, even when (and maybe especially when), it’s short and sweet.

So here’s to consistency, friends. 

Decide today what matters most and show up. Again.

I promise you’ll notice the difference.