It’s All About Input

We talk a lot about the concept of input in our groups, which we define as anything we feed our brains as data: podcasts, social media, news, meditation, TV/Netflix, music, other people, etc. While technically we’re choosing our input, it’s a passive exercise.

We’re tired and we need a break, and the algorithms are deliberately designed to suck us into content that puts our brains on autopilot. No matter how smart or disciplined you are, no one is immune to it. 

Most of us don’t even realize we’re making choices on input, but we feel it afterwards. Click on Instagram, blink and it’s been 30 minutes. Maybe you feel inspired, maybe you fell into the sticky comparison trap. Usually it’s both, and we wish we had that time back.

In the coaching we do here at Interleap, we talk so much about INPUT and its contribution to our mindset, narratives, and success. 

Input is one of the most important levers we can pull when we want to change something – a mood, a motivation, or a move toward something new. One of the biggest topics in coaching is mindset – how do we grow a mindset that gets us where we want to go?

The best place to start? Input – it affects everything. 

I’m often asked about my input – what I’m reading or listening to that’s changing my mindset. Here’s a current list – maybe it inspires something new for you. 

“Think Again” by Adam Grant

We kicked off Coaching & Conversations last month with 17 leaders walking through this thought-provoking book to explore the power of knowing what we don’t know. I’ve found myself rethinking the upsides of Imposter Syndrome, benefits to being wrong and inviting people to be in my challenge network. And how rethinking is a muscle, not a talent for intelligence. This book offers the keys to more wisdom, relationship and mindset shift. 

Ed Mylett Podcast

If you’re fascinated by mindset, growth, challenging yourself and getting real, it’s hard to beat Ed’s line-up of guests. He might be my favorite podcast right now and there’s someone for everyone. I always leave educated, inspired and UP. My most recent favorite episode is his conversation with the amazing Amy Porterfield called “How to Live a Life You Don’t Need a Vacation From.”


Do one thing every day that scares you.

-Mary Schmich

This popped up in my planner the night before a Costa Rican zipline and I happen to be terrified of heights. But my 9-year old couldn’t wait to do it, and facing fears gives us evidence that we are who we say we want to be. I was inspired by Grace to do something I didn’t want to do, but wanted to say I’d done. Life would be so different if we operate by the latter rule. (PS – I did it.)

What we consume has a direct impact on our mindset, narratives, and success. As a leader, it’s important to be aware of what you are allowing in.

Experiment with new input. See how you feel. Listen to your words. Watch how it shifts things.

We’d love to be inspired by you! What input is changing your life right now? Book a call with me and let’s talk about it.