Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone

At the beginning of each month, I highlight 3 things that are filling me up. I share hoping they also pull you closer to something you’re trying to create in your life.

I said last week that February feels like fresh air for a lot of people. The pressure of January is off and it feels like you can take a minute and re-evaluate.

February can be such a great time to launch…

As a better reader, writer, runner, leader, communicator, trainer, meditator, friend, daughter. Whatever you want to BE more of. 

Before I share my 3, I’m veering a little to focus on ONE thing that feels big to me right now.

What’s resonating with me most is the idea of action – moving TO something vs getting stuck in the idea of it.

Too many of us are thinking more than doing.

Trying to find the perfect thing to do and the perfect way to do it.

I’ve said in 2024 that I wanted to move toward clarity and new experiences.

How do you get either one without action or movement?

The only way to get clarity is to create space for it. 

Last fall I knew I needed something different. I needed to get out of my walls and beyond my day to day. 

I needed a new perspective and Atlanta wasn’t far enough. As the saying goes: when the student is ready, the teacher appears. The opportunity to do a solo retreat and work with another coach in New Mexico was the easiest “yes” I’ve said in awhile. That feels a little ironic considering that traveling across the country doesn’t sound easy.

Maybe to you it sounds shiny and fun.

Some of it was. The mountains of New Mexico are stunning and the people are amazing.

It was also hard.

It can be disorienting:

  • Being alone
  • Having to look hard at yourself
  • Creating days from a blank slate
  • Being proactive vs reactive

This kind of time also holds space for me to:

  • Connect with God on a vision for my life
  • See myself and my life more clearly
  • Realize that hard is only hard in the beginning
  • Grow exponentially when I removed myself from my comfort zone

 What about you? Are you craving something new?

  • A new running route
  • A new routine
  • A new church
  • A new perspective

What does it look like to move one step in its direction?

Looking back, taking a solo trip across the country seemed like a huge deal and in some ways it was. In other ways, it was simply a series of action steps (a system) that has already led to something powerful and life-changing in 2024.

And it’s only February! The perfect time to launch.

So name it. Email it. Saying it makes you 44% more likely it will actually happen.

And last but not least, HERE ARE A FEW THINGS I’m loving right now:


Leslie Odom Jr – Won’t Hold Back The Hamilton star wrote some of my new favorite tunes. Thank you, Ally Love and Christine.


That Sounds Fun – The Joys of Being an Amateur, the Power of Falling in Love, and Why You Need a Hobby – My first book by Annie Downs and I’m loving her perspective on “what sounds fun” and how important it is to be an amateur. Thank you, Erin.


Mel Robbins – The Truth About ADHD in Adults: Harvard’s Dr. Chris Palmer Explains the Research – The follow-up to her June podcast on ADHD matters because I never tire of learning about my neurodivergent brain and how it has informed the way I be, work and move. So grateful for this perspective.

I hope February IS the breath of fresh air it has the potential to be!!!

Don’t forget to share what you’re loving with me at [email protected].