Navigating Change YOUR Way

It’s a season of transition. We’ve officially hit spring and entered a new quarter.

Many of us are staring down the end of a school year, which means transition to a summer schedule and possibly even the end of a major phase of life. Some of us are changing jobs, roles and communities. Maybe you’re changing your mind about some big things in your life. 

We’re all witnessing the world and the economy change and things are moving faster than ever before. 

No matter where you sit, we’re in the thick of change and nothing about that is changing anytime soon.

How do you typically process change?

You might be one of those people who naturally zooms out and sees it coming. You pride yourself on planning and preparation. Or if you’re a real-time processor, you like to roll with the punches and build the plane while you’re flying it. 

We know that planning is tougher in this climate and that both skills and styles are needed right now. 

What’s essential, though? Intentionality. We have to decide how we want to lead change before it leads us.

“Navigating change will be the anchor for Leadership in 2023”

What does it look like to navigate change well?

This is such an important question because it informs everything about this next season for you and for me – how much stress you’ll have, how much fulfillment you will experience, and how solid your relationships will be. 

But there is something else…

Your choice on how to navigate change matters to your mental and physical health and it matters to the people you serve. They will get the remains of whatever you’ve designed or defaulted to in this current season of change. It has to matter. 

There’s a lot of change in my world both personally and professionally. Professionally, Interleap has a new business plan, marketing strategy, and the internal changes that go with that. It’s equal parts amazing, invigorating, challenging, AND it can also be exhausting and hard. 

The perspective I choose for the change in my life means everything to the way I show up with my people and to MYSELF. 

If I think it’s hard, everyone will feel the “hard”. If it’s challenging AND exciting, they’ll feel that, too. 

While both will always be true, which one are you choosing to lean into? To define yourself by? Which one will you be most proud for you and your team to walk away from? 

I see you, leaders. 

No matter what capacity you’re serving in right now – this is not an easy season. It’s a mixed bag and it can feel insanely heavy. 

There are some things we can’t change, and naming and accepting what’s on that list is important. But turning our attention to what we CAN change is also insanely empowering, and it starts with the way we view and experience what’s happening in our worlds. 

So the next time you’re feeling anxious over change, ask yourself these four questions

  • What is the hardest thing about this (season) right now? 
  • What perspective am I currently taking on the situation? 
  • Does that perspective limit what I’m trying to create or does it empower me?
  • What would it look like if it wasn’t hard…like it was actually easy? 

Consider your answers. You may just change your mind. For the better. 

Feel free to share where you land on this. We’re here to walk it out with you!