Confessions of hurry / The thief of hurry

I’m in a hurry. 

I knew this was true on some level, but I didn’t really know it. 

Recently I took a deep dive (2x through) John Mark Comer’s honest journey through revelations around hurry, what it’s doing to our spiritual lives, collective culture, and health. 

It turns out we’re all in a hurry. 

There’s actually a term for this, labeled “hurry sickness”, and is described here:  

“It’s the feeling of constantly being behind and rushed, which causes stress and anxiety. If you are experiencing hurry sickness, you may feel like you’re always racing to accomplish tasks on your to-do list, leading to frustration if anything holds you up.”

Hurry sickness seems more overt in a season like summer. 

Although summer can be extra busy for working parents, the reality is that it’s full of longer and often slower days. Especially July. 

Why July (aside from the obvious)? 

  • It’s the official beginning to the 2nd half of the year, so it’s (hypothetically) a fresh start. 
  • It’s the beginning of the “dog days of summer” because they’re so long and so hot 🥵
  • July is the month most people take vacation, which data says is roughly 42% of people. 

You, or someone in your world, is taking time OFF. From whatever they do on a regular basis. 

This means something or someone at some point this month is slowing down in your world. 

What could that mean for you? 

While we always have options on how we respond to our worlds, this month, let’s imagine you have a few more.

Options to pause and notice where you hurry. 

When it happens most, what’s driving it and where it’s not (really) working for you. 

The bottom line?

Hurry is a thief. 

And it’s robbing you of things you don’t even notice. The greatest of which may be your attention – to others, to work, and to yourself. 

How do you love, learn, create, or execute well on anything without attention

I don’t believe anyone can.

This month, we’re going deep on the idea of slowing down so you can pay attention to the things that matter most to you.

Our mission is to help leaders love their life and work again. Hurry is standing in the way.

Stay tuned this month (if you’re willing to slow down a little) as we take a deeper look at how hurry is really affecting us and what it looks like to create a shift that gives back infinitely more than it takes away.