Engage Confidently

How far could you go if you had a place to continue stepping into the power and growth you experienced in Emerge?

What is Engage?

Engage is a 4-week virtual group coaching program that drills down on the Power Plan created in Emerge. This group is for Emerge graduates already on the growth journey who want to continue learning more about themselves and playing with the power of choice. Engage-ers will continue connecting to their why, and walking out their power, strengths, and potential.

What do you get?

Engage is a stretch experience that will challenge and grow you through:

  • Increasing awareness of self and choices
  • Connecting dots between beliefs and results
  • Focusing on applying and sustaining change
  • Community of peers for the ride and 1:1 coaching

Who is this for?

Engage is exclusive to Emerge graduates.

Why a group setting?

The group coaching experience is an extremely powerful way to journey through change. This format delivers:

  • A community of peers with similar values and experiences
  • Different approaches to problems and challenges through peer coaching
  • Opportunities to rapidly motivate others and see them succeed through accountability

What are the details?

  • 4 weeks of consecutive group coaching (60 minute Zoom sessions)
  • 2 individual coaching calls
  • Cost: $297/mo