Finish Strong

It’s a sad but all-too-true fact: many of the plans we design with great enthusiasm, never make it to the finish line. Whether it’s a goal we set for ourselves or an idea we had for a project, the majority of us move on to something else before seeing it through to the end. But why is that?

There are a number of reasons why we don’t finish what we start. Sometimes, it’s because the goal or idea was never really ours to begin with—we set out to do something because someone else wanted us to. Or it’s because we thought it would impress others, but it doesn’t align with our own values or interests.

But what about the things that we DO care about? Why do we choose to not finish things that mean a lot to us?

It’s Time to Face Your Unfinished Projects

For many of us, our default emotion is judgment, and because of that, we often resist looking at what we didn’t do. It’s easier to just move on to the next thing than it is to reflect on what went wrong and why.

However, this active avoidance is harmful in the long run. If we don’t take the time to debrief and reflect, we’ll never learn from our mistakes. We need to think through why we started the project in the first place and what happened that cause us to stop pushing it forward.

Without reflection, we’ll continue making the same mistakes over and over again, never getting any closer to our goals. So instead of avoiding those unfinished projects, let’s embrace them as important learning tools.

Remember Your Why

Often times, we don’t complete our goals because we have forgotten the why behind them. Why is this important or meaningful? It’s a question we should all ask ourselves from time to time, especially when we’re facing challenges or feeling doubtful.

When we can’t remember our why, it’s so much easier to give up and quit. But if we reconnect with the reason behind our goal or dream, it can be a powerful motivator. Maybe you want to be active so you can model for your kids an active lifestyle, or maybe you want to start your own business so you can finally experience the freedom and flexibility you’ve always dreamed of.

Whatever your why may be, hold onto it tightly. Let it be your North Star when things get tough, and never forget that it’s always worth fighting for something you believe in.

So, what’s the one thing you want to finish? And how can you make it possible?

Remember, telling yourself that you’re a finisher is the first step in actually becoming one. Start there.