The Desire of Every Leader

I’m curious what you think about growth. 

At times it can be really thrilling. When it’s inspiring and healthy, I can’t read or listen or move toward it enough. On the flip side it can also feel frustrating and debilitating – like the goal seems too big and requires too much attention to reach.  It’s easy to get stuck there.

Despite the discouragement we all feel at times of the journey, every single one of us was born with the desire to transform. We were built to evolve our minds, our bodies, our goals and our successes.

With growth comes the requirement that we let go of old identities, beliefs and patterns. It can feel painful in the short run and it’s easy to opt for the comfort of the moment. You might not call it death, but one of our great thinkers does: 

“Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five.”

-Ben Franklin

Are you really living if you’re not growing? 

Most of us don’t actively choose stagnancy, we simply live into it without noticing until we simply become so fixed in our stories that we have no new material to write.

And yet different stories require different beliefs, decisions and experiences. What got you here won’t get you there. And let’s be honest – creating new anything is usually hard. It takes courage, structure, community, and coaching to get us to that deeper level. To help us get clarity and awareness and remind us who we are and what we said mattered to us.

Our communities are full of leaders who share the following familiar story:

Take Anna. This woman is at the top of her game in all respects. She’s crushing it in her company and she’s rising through the ranks. She’s a great wife, mom and friend. Life is FULL.

It’s also bursting. 

She’s living on two wheels, can’t keep her calendar or life organized, and self care and sleep are negligent. She believes that if she gets up earlier and goes to bed later, she’ll stop dropping balls. 

That works until it doesn’t. 

She knows it’s not supposed to look or feel like this so one day she stops listening to the voice that says, “you should be able to do it all – asking for help will only slow you down.”

This is where she enters Emerge. 

Fast forward to Chapter 5 of Anna’s story and she’s making choices based on a new set of beliefs she never thought she’d have.

Her work ethic never falters, but she shows up with clarity of who she wants to be and which roles are best for her to serve. She works on the high value tasks and learns to leave the ones that don’t belong to her. She has right-sized the crushing guilt that she used to feel when trying to serve the world in all of her roles because she has permission to practice what only she can do.

She is strong, confident and effective. She even gets a good night’s sleep :).

This is what transformation looks like.

It’s why we created the coaching program, Emerge. This 8-week, group coaching program was designed specifically for the leader who knows she’s on the cusp of a new chapter, but simply needs the space, coaching and setting to name it, get aware and build a plan for getting there. 

I hope you’ll lean in, even if it’s wobbly. We’ll be here to walk it out with you. Book a call with me to talk about what that looks like.