The Remarkable Power of Agency

I hear this word a lot in my circles, but what does it even mean?

Having agency refers to the capacity of one to make their own choices. 

It’s the power and ability to affect the future…the key to change.

When I consider what agency feels like, I think about words like action, power, activity, effect and influence. 

A sense of agency feels amazing.

And then there’s the opposite feeling – something I can also relate to – where we get passive, silent and stop acting. Lack of agency makes us stuck and, dare I say, like a victim.


For me, agency comes down to two things: 

  1. Believing you have it. 
  2. Acting it out.

I think about this concept and where I tend to get stuck. It’s usually on things like admin, scheduling, and writing. 

The reason I get stuck? 

So much of it comes down to what I believe about those things in front of me…and ultimately what beliefs I give power to.

When we don’t have agency we tend to give into thoughts like this:

“It’s hard”

“I can’t figure it out”

“It will take too long”

“I have no control”

“My circumstances define me”

“I will always feel this way”

Few of us ever stop to name what we believe that’s making us stuck. If we did, we’d likely experience some different outcomes.

This is Jim Kwik’s story. 

Throughout his childhood, everyone called him the boy with the broken brain. He had survived a serious brain injury as a child, and people believed he couldn’t think. He agreed.

Depressed and ready to give up at 18, a friend’s dad reframed the potential of his life in one statement. He gave Jim the permission to rethink what he had always believed about himself. Kwik decided to partner with a different belief, and today he’s a brain coach working with people like Tony Robbins and Google.

This guy changed the trajectory of his life because he changed his mind about an old belief. He took agency.

We can, too.

This is a transformational concept in our Emerge conversation. After laying the foundation for clients to create clarity and self-awareness, we shift into what they’re going to DO with that.

We lead them to agency. They take the power back when they begin to think differently about themselves and their circumstances.

I don’t know about you, but I still give up agency more than I’d like to admit. And I don’t even know it at first.

What follows is a feeling of disempowerment, frustration and limitation. It never leads to the place I’m hoping for.

Action follows belief and we have to know ours because of the power they hold.

The question is – what are you believing now? How’s that working for you?

2024 is all about more agency for me. I’ve named the beliefs that need to change and I can’t wait to take action. 

If that’s you, what’s your strategy? Change requires a plan. 

Emerge could be yours. With ONE LAST SPOT, you’ll be joining 6 other women who took agency when they said Yes. They got a taste of what’s to come and they FELT AMAZING.

You can, too. Here’s your shot at agency for 2024. Will you take it?